Alinta Batten
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Compliance Support Project Officer

Alinta is a Queenslander, born and raised in Cairns.  Her heritage is Torres Strait Islander, from the Umai clan of Saibai Island and German on her mother's side, while on her father's side her family ancestry is both British and German.  Alinta's extended family is both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and she also has cultures represented from all over the world.

Alinta completed her education and training in Cairns and has previously worked across both Government and Registered Training Organisations before relocating to Canberra and joining the AILC in February 2016.

Alinta has a passion for helping young people to further their education and for facilitating change for Indigenous people. She loves her sports, is a family orientated person and is always eager to learn more about not only her own culture, but other cultures as well. She wants to continue to further her learning and development, both personally and professionally.