BSB41915 Certificate IV in Business (Governance)

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About the Course

BSB41915 Certificate IV in Business (Governance) introduces the key elements of operating in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and the capacity of Australian Indigenous leaders to affect governance. This course is designed to reflect the roles of individuals who undertake responsibilities required of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, and who bring a wide range of knowledge, skills, talents and experience to their organisations and require further training. Boards of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-managed organisations operate in two worlds: they have cultural obligations to specific communities as well as legal and financial obligations to the wider community and funding bodies. In this special role, board members ensure that while fulfilling their duties, their contributions are individually and collectively of value to the board, organisation and community.

The BSB41915 Certificate IV in Business (Governance) enables students to achieve the following goals:

  • Understand a range of leadership styles and their application to a range of different situations and contexts to support good governance.
  • Become familiar with personal strengths, capabilities and development.
  • Ability to work effectively in teams, e.g. Board of Management context and other relationships using cross-cultural and professional skills.
  • Understand and develop one’s own role within an organisation or corporation.
  • Build leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Build personal and public confidence in working on Boards of Management and senior management roles.
  • Communication within Communities, Work Teams, Boards of Management, Stakeholders and Funding Bodies
  • Development and Implementation of Organisation Policies
  • Organisational Planning and Review

The course is delivered over 15 weeks, including three x five day intensive residential training workshops. It is a compulsory requirement of the course to attend all blocks.

The BSB41915 is made up of the following units of Competency


Maintain and protect cultural values in the organisation (C)


Undertake the roles and responsibilities of a board member(C)


Review and apply the constitution(C)


Implement organisational plans(C)


Contribute to the development and implementation of organisational policies(C)


Oversee financial management(C)


Oversee organisational planning(C)


Manage a board meeting(E)


Participate effectively as a board member(E)


Oversee the organisation’s annual budget(E)


Obtain and manage consultancy services(E)


Communicate with the community(E)


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