Leadership Plus

About Leadership Plus

Leadership Plus is the alumni group for graduates of the AILC’s accredited courses. The group comprises of more than 1000 emerging leaders who have graduated from the AILC's Indigenous Leadership programs.

Leadership Plus is focused on four key areas:

  1. Developing leaders of the next generation by providing additional tools and skills.
  2. Implementing new technologies, providing online tools and encouraging greater community access to new technologies.
  3. Working with globalisation, looking at the opportunities and challenges it brings.
  4. Initiatives that support the Closing the Gap commitments of the council of Australian Government (COAG).

Creating the next generation of Australia's Indigenous Leaders

Leadership Plus will create a national network of Indigenous leaders, connecting people around the country who have taken part in Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre learning programs. The power and potential of more than 1000 young and emerging Indigenous leaders will be harnessed through a new network, benefiting communities across Australia. The Leadership Plus network members, who will be drawn from among the graduates of the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC), will be involved in regular regional meetings, online discussion forums, networking meetings with industry, and an annual national conference.