“I had always wanted to take the courses because of the line of work that I am in, working with kids in foster care. I’ve been able to use my leadership and my culture to be effective in my work,” Bowen Ryan says.

A graduate of the Certificate II in Indigenous Leadership course and based in Western Sydney, Bowen works closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in his role as Aboriginal Case Manager at Life Without Barriers.

An avid rugby league player, Bowen says he has been able to take what he has learned not only into the workplace but onto the footy field as well where he is a role model for the younger players. He regularly plays in Indigenous football tournaments including the Koori Knockout, which is one of the largest annual gatherings of Indigenous people.

He says he learned a lot from the course about both his culture and leadership and found himself with plenty to consider upon completing the first block.

“I learned more about my culture, after the first block I had a lot to go away and think about,” Bowen says.

“It is very powerful both emotionally and spiritually, the way you go home and you think about things like your family and your future as well.

“It has opened my eyes to where I want to be in a few years from now.

AILC courses regularly attract people from mobs Australia wide, from urban areas to remote communities. Bowen says one of the highlights was having the chance to meet and hear the stories of his fellow students.

“I really enjoyed hearing about the different journeys and different people over here in Perth. It is so far away from home, but it is still the same country and people living the same lives pretty much in what we do, but just on different paths.

“Listening to their journeys and hearing the stories of people who have had a completely different path to me was a real eye opener.”

Bowen says he would recommend the course, particularly to younger Indigenous people.

“I’ve always wanted to do it and I’m trying to encourage a lot of younger people to do it,” Bowen says.

“I highly recommend it.”


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