Introduction to Diversity Mentoring (Indigenous)

This workshop is designed for Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous people who wish to further develop leadership knowledge, skills and networks; and non-Indigenous Australians who wish to work effectively with Indigenous people within the workplace and/or Indigenous communities.


A comprehensive three day course to upskill your knowledge in workplace and community mentoring, approaches to diversity, cultural safety and cultural responsiveness.

This unique program uses a practical approach to the complexities of mentoring in a cross-cultural context, and address the questions:
  • What is diversity mentoring?
  • How is cultural diversity included in the mentoring process?
  • What are the ethical considerations?
  • How do we develop successful diversity mentoring relationships?

To view the full course brochure, please click here: AILC Diversity Mentoring (Indigenous) Workshops
Course fee and registration
Melbourne: 27-29 August 2018     $1800 all inclusive.         Early bird: $1500 before 20 August 2018
Sydney:      15-17 October 2018    $1800 all inclusive.         Early bird: $1500 before 15 September 2018
Canberra:   28-30 November 2018 $1800 all inclusive.         Early bird: $1500 before 10 November 2018
Registrations and payments can be made online through our website. Choose which workshop you would like to attend and complete your enrolment. 


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