In 2016, the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre’s logo was revised in order to become more recognisable as an Indigenous organisation.

After a number of years sporting our previous logo which was simple yet effective, the AILC decided it was time for a change. While the previous design held corporate appeal, it did not easily identify the AILC as an Indigenous organisation, for Indigenous people. While the idea of change was welcomed, the AILC also aimed to retain the brand recognition and familiarity that has come with the many years of success with the previous logo.

Local Canberra organisation Darkies Design, founded by 2016 ACT NAIDOC Person of the Year Dion Devow, was commissioned to develop the new logo. Following feedback from the AILC’s staff and Board members, the new logo was chosen based on its ability to resonate with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people without straying too far from the previous design.

The redesigned logo incorporates elements typical of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art while retaining the shape, lettering and a similar colour to the old design. This new design provides a better representation of what the AILC is about and the communities that our organisation aims to connect with.